Welcome Oscar, our Fellow from Costa Rica!

Oscar 5
Oscar Freer

Meet Oscar Alvarado Freer. If you frequent our downtown coffee house, you might see him slinging coffee behind the counter. Oscar is working with us for a month as part of the 2017 Young Leaders of the American’s Initiative fellowship.

This entrepreneurial and culture exchange is an amazing opportunity through the non-profit Presidential Precinct. Much like our other international relationships in the coffee trade, we aim to grow and maintain a longterm connection with Oscar beyond his time here with us.

While he’s here Oscar is spending his time with us in several capacities: on counter with us as a barista, with our roasting team, as well as our leadership team, learning all he can while giving us that important connection to the rich coffee origins of his homeland. We are learning a lot from each other and hope you too can enjoy the (coffee) fruits our exchange.

Says Oscar: “Learning from them and having the chance to be around has given me a greater idea of how things are going on in the business of coffee in the US, and bringing up ideas of how I can improve and what I can implement in my own store back in Costa Rica. Hoping as well to be able to transmit a little bit of my own experience into people’s life.”

Oscar's Coffeeshop Avenida 9
Oscar’s Coffeeshop in Costa Rica, Terminal Avenida 9

If you see Oscar behind the counter downtown, or elsewhere around town, don’t be shy! Ask him to share his story and experiences.


More about Oscar

Oscar Alvarado Freer is the Co-Founder of Terminal Avenida 9 Coffee Shop, which encourages the support of national entrepreneurs and the consumption of local products. Terminal Avenida 9 Coffee Shop seeks to communicate the true value that Costa Rican coffee has worldwide. Oscar previously worked as a Physician at Caja Costarricence de Seguro Social. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine from the University of Medical Sciences in Costa Rica.