The who-where-why-what of shopping online with us.

Why don’t you grind coffee?

We ship only whole beans to preserve freshness. Freshness is one of the most important things for maintaining quality and grinding dramatically accelerates the staling process. If you don’t have your own grinder, many local shops would be happy to grind it for you, or grocery stores often have coffee grinders that you can use.  If they ask, we run all of our roasted coffee through a de-stoner so it should be free of any rocks or debris that may damage a grinder.

We recommend Baratza burr grinders. We think they are overwhelmingly the best investment you can make for your home coffee setup.

How does the Roaster’s Choice coffee subscription work?

It’s like a CSA, we choose the most beautiful coffees tempting our collective palates in the moment.

Where is that Ethiopian Natural I’ve been ordering?

We source in small lots, sometimes tiny farms with only a few bags of green beans.   We won’t always have every coffee. It’s seasonal, like the summer tomato straight from the vine or the kale picked after the first frost.  But we will continue to source beautiful coffees from beautiful people, you have our pledge.

Do you offer coffee classes?

Interested in learning more about crafting the perfect cup of coffee at home? Mudhouse periodically offers coffee classes in the ‘Smartroom’ above our Downtown Mall location in Charlottesville. For more information or to purchase tickets, follow us on Facebook.

Is your coffee vegan?

Yes, our coffee is Vegan, and Gluten Free.  In addition, it has no MSG.

Is your coffee flavored?

No our coffee is not flavored.  It does, however, show off its beauty by way of the producer, the soil content, the farmer, the processing, the love, the roast, a whole long train of hands to allow for the sweet raspberry or the mandarin orange or the dark chocolate you breathe and smell and taste in the cup.

How do I store my coffee?

Always store in a glass air tight container, preferably in a cabinet or dark area.  Air and moisture are a coffee’s kryptonite, they kill the beauty.  Don’t kill the beauty.


We refer to it as a Blossoms-On Date, when the coffee de-gasses and opens up like the gorgeous orchid it is.  Each coffee has a particular date, but as a good rule of thumb, keep your coffee fresh and use within 14 – 16 days of the roast date.

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

Your happiness is our happiness…you can cancel, change your addresses, and change your credit card at any time.  You can use the beans for compost, you can tear at the bag with your teeth, you can dance, you can do jumpies, you can make a movie about coffee or big cats, you can share and you can purchase as gifts for others…but you can’t play with us unless you are absolutely fully happy.  We insist.

How will it arrive?

We’ll roast your order, bag it whole bean in a sealed 12oz bag, box and ship it USPS Priority.   We don’t ship ground coffee, only whole bean, but because coffee is such a cool group of people. If you don’t have a grinder, I’ll bet your local coffee shop/neighbor/grocer/Macy’s-in-the-kitchen-department-when-no-one-is-looking/friend will help you out.

How am I charged?

Your credit card will be charged within 24 hours of the day your order ships.

What is the fastest land animal?

The cheetah.

What are the exchange/return policies?

Because coffee is an agricultural product, we do not accept returns or exchanges.  However, if something weird happens, please give us a call and we’ll fix it immediately…even if you open your box from the postal service and it’s filled with gold balloons.   We want to know about that.

Shipping details?

Currently, we do not ship internationally.

What am I forgetting to ask?

Please feel free to contact us for any questions we may have left off of this page.   Email us at [email protected] or call 434-260-3766.