Our Roaster Eric Takes Home 3rd in U.S. Roaster Championship

Our Roaster Eric Takes Home 3rd in U.S. Roaster Championship


In April we competed in the annual U.S. Roaster Championship in Atlanta, which takes place during the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) convention. SCAA is an annual conference that’s part-academic, part-field day…Think baristas and founders, large companies and tiny ones, roasters and shop owners, producers and farmers and scientists and sustainability researchers, innovators mingling with company CEOs, copious colorful tattoos.   And coffee, a deluge of coffee.  Anoint with parties and friendships and networks and you’ve got the annual coffee convention.  Now put that mass in a convention hall with an enormous show floor and even more coffee and you’ve got hours of fast down-to-brass conversation, and a mess of mad science.  The scene is set…

The competition was fierce, but our guy, Eric Stone, was even fiercer, taking 3rd place among his esteemed peers.  It’s hard to put into words how cool that is.  We went up against the big guns, and they were all there.  Just placing in the first round is an honor.  But Eric’s name was called again and then again, for the final 6 top winners.  He placed 3rd with the help of our Ecuador washed typica from farmers Pablo and Jaime Ponce.  Congratulations to the winner, Tony Querio of Spyhouse Coffee, who also roasted a beautiful Ecuador as well–he rocked it! 

As a small specialty coffee roaster, watching the bean go from our friends and farmers into the beautiful hands of our crew through the amazing, impressive Giesen roaster, then hand delivered to our own baristas who treat each bean as if it were a piece of gold, each step is as intense and mess-up-able as the next. I am truly honored, humbly proud to present what these amazing people do.  I have the coolest job playi ng with the smartest of the smart, the highest caliber of talent, with the integrity to beat the band.


Lynelle, Director of Joy