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Port of Mokha Yemen


One 8 oz. bag of whole bean coffee. Available in limited quantity.

We are honored to bring you Port of Mokha, lot SH5 from Al-Durrar Yemen and Mokhtar Alkhanshali.  This coffee is both beautiful and vital to the producers and people of Yemen.  With the threats to coffee of war, cattle farming, or land development, small holder farms are being crowded out and destroyed at an alarming rate and that culture of coffee production is being lost for future generations. We at Mudhouse Coffee Roasters could not be more proud to share this coffee with you, in part because of its incredible quality, but also because of its important story. If you would like to learn more we encourage you to read Mokhtar's story in the new book by Dave Eggers, The Monk of Mokha. You can buy the coffee and a signed copy of Eggers's book together exclusively through us. Tasting notes of jasmine, tea rose, hibiscus, stewed plum, complex sweet spices, sparkly creamy finish.