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Finca La Mula Geisha Set: Coffee & Geisha Cascara Tea

Your call to adventure! Here's a unique chance to experience both Geisha Coffee and Geisha Cascara from award-winning Finca La Mula in Panama. As a coffee, our La Mula Geisha is naturally processed, harvested at optimum ripeness and dried during 22 to 27 days on specially constructed raised beds. Tasting notes: aroma of black currants, passion fruit, cacao and jasmine. Multi-layered, you will taste lingering flavors of dried papaya, tea rose, jasmine-infused caramel and black tea.

Cascara, which means husk in Spanish, is tea made from the dried peel of coffee cherries. Once the cherry is picked and the coffee bean has been removed, the skin is dried in the sun, creating a beautiful, dried red husk. Cascara is super high in antioxidants and makes a gorgeous and incredibly refreshing tea. Geisha cascara tastes like fresh, sweet hibiscus, bing cherry, and strawberry jam. See below for brewing instructions.

One 200 gm bag of cascara and one 8 oz. bag of whole bean coffee.