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Red Geisha from Fincal La Negrita Colombia

Red Geisha, Finca La Negrita, Colombia


Taste notes: exceptional floral notes of tea rose and coffee flower.

One 8 oz. bag of whole bean Arabica coffee.

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Red Geisha

  • Farmer: Mauricio Shattah
  • Farm: Finca La Negrita Villa Restrepo, Tolima, Colombia
  • Variety: Red Geisha (100% Colombian)
  • Elevation: 1780-2100 m
  • Processing: hand selected, 16 hours dry fermentation, spring water washed, sun dried on African raised beds

After finishing his education in medicine, Mauricio Shattah went to study business administration in the United States where he noticed that Colombian coffee was losing its international recognition. After some research, he realized that coffee was a sustainable business so he started a roasting company selling coffee in supermarkets to wholesale customers. His passion for specialty coffees began to emerge. Liliana, his wife, who has a big interest in ecology and environmental responsibility, convinced him to buy land in Colombia in order to grow coffee. It was Liliana’s idea to have a farm, grow coffee, build a path to the future, and be closer to nature. This is the reason why Finca La Negrita owes its name to Liliana, who Mauricio affectionately calls “Mi Negrita Linda.”

Offering a beautiful panoramic view of the Nevado del Tolima volcano, Finca La Negrita has special land and climactic characteristics. The sun doesn’t shine on farm directly all day so they don’t need any shade techniques, rain pours almost 365 days a year, they have natural springs and water sources, rich volcanic soil, and high altitudes. They grow Red and Yellow Geisha, Red and Yellow Bourbon, Laurina, Mokka, and Maragogype varieties. They plan to plant other new varieties like Typica, Mejorada, Bourbon Sidra, Java, and new Geishas among others.

Mauricio believes that everything he does on his farm has a scientific basis and can be controlled in order to produce specialty coffee with an very careful post-harvest process. Mauricio’s beans are 100% Colombian, fresh from the farm. Mauricio bought special variety seeds in Central America to grow on his farm and conducts new experiments with all of his coffee lots. He dreams to be the best coffee grower in the world and to be known worldwide for his perfect – no defect coffees. He plans to expand and try new and more exotic varieties in his farm while offering complete traceability to his coffee.

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tolima, colombia