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Coffee Blossom Honey from Finca El Apiario

From  Jorge Mendez’s Finca el Apiario in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This is traceably sourced single origin honey, and the primary source of nectar for the bees is the blossoms of the coffee tree.

More about this exquisite honey in this article from Daily Coffee News.



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The Coffee Honey Blossom Project

Coffee Blossom Honey started to take shape about 3 years ago.  Around that time we were sourcing coffee from Finca El Apiario (“Honeybee Farm”) in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Finca el Apiario sits roughly 1,600 meters above sea level (5,250 ft) and a region known as Agua Dulce.

Finca el Apiario is owned by Jorge Mendez who started many years ago as a picker in San Pedro Necta. He saved money and bought a small piece of land down by the PanAmerican highway. About 14 km away, and closer to civilization, Jorge learned the value of coffee; how to buy and sell, quality metrics, and how to grow quality coffees. He sold his property and moved back up the mountain to be back in Agua Dulce. Here he bought two small parcels and worked the land which would ultimately become Finca El Apiario.

At first coffee wouldn’t grow at this elevation, so Jorge grew corn while trying many different kinds of coffees. Finca el Apiario now grows some of the regions best SHB Caturra and Catuia. 

We heard that Jorge was utilizing honey bees to improve the quality of his exquisite coffee trees and capturing the sweet honey in mountainside apiaries.  Curious to see how this was possible, we decided to hike our way up to the farm to meet with Jorge and see his operation. 

After cupping Jorge’s beautifully clean, complex coffee – he asked if we would like to try his honey.  We inquisitively said “yes” and were delighted to indulge in the clean nectar. We were blown by the beautiful floral characteristics exhibited in the honey – and the Coffee Blossom Honey project was born!

Huehuetenango, Guatemala