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Our cafes are on pause until it's safe to play again.

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Our Pledge

We work tirelessly to source coffees that are of exceptional quality and are grown in a socially responsible and ecologically sustainable manner.  We foster direct trade relationships with dedicated farmers and producers around the world and build relationships of trust and understanding with our importers.  We pledge to continue our work toward improving the way coffee is grown, harvested, processed, imported, and roasted so that you can continue to enjoy these beautiful specialty coffees for years to come.

We pledge to the best of our ability:

  • To source exceptional coffees and to roast them to their highest expressions
  • To pay the farmer a fair price higher than the current requirements for Fair Trade
  • To use better than organic, making sure the coffees we source are grown without pesticides and harmful fertilizers
  • To be open and transparent in all ways possible from farm to cup
  • To be committed to sustainability in all of its definitions and to purchase from farmers who do the same
  • To always continue to improve our practices.

We recognize that all of our coffees do not fall under organic, fair trade, or other related certifications. We certify them ourselves, that the farmers we work with are growing these coffees with the utmost care and attention to environmental and socially sustainable practices. We personally attest to their integrity.

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