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James Hutchins Bio

James Scott Crandall Hutchins "Hutch" is the Director of Operations for Mudhouse Coffee Roasters and joined the team in 2017.
He is responsible for the retail operations, technology solutions, inventory management, all things HR, product management and development, scaling and growth management, and more. 

James has over 25 year of experience in the coffee industry as a Director of Operations, Manager, Trainer and general specialty coffee industry knowledge and expertise. Operations is really a catch all for multiple aspects and layers of his role, and his experience gained from a varied background allows James to support and grow both business and people. 

James grew up in Santa Cruz California and was raised by good vibes provided by the landscape of unspoiled oceans, redwood forests and progressive people.  This environment helped foster his love for quality natural foods and sustainable practices in the food and beverage industry and in general. His interest in coffee naturally arose henceforth and the rest is history, including the fact that at least 50% of his bloodstream consists of quality sourced & locally brewed coffee. 

James enjoys time with family when he's not working, his wife and two daughters and furry cat; Weekend trips to the ocean, and up to Philly and NYC are top picks for fun. Most time is centered around what his 3 year old girl allows and makes for interesting adventures and stories. 

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