Fun friends at Unpacking Coffee

Unpacking Coffee is brought to us by Ray and Kandace Brigleb, the duo behind Needmore Designs.  They make these podcasts with a deep coffee background, and mad design, video editing, and improv skills.

Kandace & Ray of Unpacking Coffee
Kandace & Ray of Unpacking Coffee

Ray is a coffee guy, with experience beyond what most in the specialty industry can tout.  Don’t let his sweet demeanor fool you, under that love smile that lasers from his eyeballs, he’s a true big time coffee professional.  Along with Kandace’s talent of learning a brand/team/person in a blink second and parlaying that into visual genius, these two are the rock stars of explaining coffee in a fun,
professional, wise and honorable, and completely graphically insanely beautifully cool way.

This is how they do it!