Coffee Classes

Interested in learning more about crafting the perfect cup of coffee at home? Mudhouse is currently hosting coffee classes in the ‘Smartroom’ above our Downtown Mall location in Charlottesville. Our next class is ‘Home Brewing 101’ starting up again this October. We will cover the 6 fundamentals of good brewing, we’ll hand out some delicious samples, and you’ll get to take home a bag of coffee or some discounted gear.

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Yes, our coffee is Vegan, and Gluten Free.  In addition, it has no MSG.

Flavored Coffee

No our coffee is not flavored.  It does, however, show off its beauty by way of the producer, the soil content, the farmer, the processing, the love, the roast, a whole long train of hands to allow for the sweet raspberry or the mandarin orange or the dark chocolate you breathe and smell and taste in the cup.

Storing Coffee

Always store in a glass air tight container, preferably in a cabinet or dark area.  Air and moisture are a coffee’s kryptonite, they kill the beauty.  Don’t kill the beauty.


We refer to it as a Blossoms-On Date, when the coffee de-gasses and opens up like the gorgeous orchid it is.  Each coffee has a particular date, but as a good rule of thumb, keep your coffee fresh and use within 14 – 16 days of the roast date.

Where is that Ethiopian Natural I loved?

We source in small lots, sometimes tiny farms with only a few bags of green beans.   We won’t always have every coffee always, it’s seasonal, like the summer tomato straight from the vine or the kale picked after the first frost.  But we will continue to source beautiful coffees from beautiful people, you have our pledge.