Kopi Wai Ke Coffee Cherry Tea

Coffee cherries from Maliko Estate

This perfect April weather in Virginia reminds us of our winter trip to Maui this January. Maui has come back here with us in the form of an amazing raw coffee cherry tea which we have in limited, and exclusive supply. Otherwise known as Kopi Wai Ke, we discovered this refreshing tea on Maui’s Maliko Estate, owned and farmed by our friends Sydney and Maurice. If you are new to coffee cherry tea, it is an all-natural, raw super food, and powerful antioxidant. The coffee cherry is the ripe red fruit of which the coffee beans are its seed. The cherry contains only a small amount of caffeine. This particular Maliko Estate tea is pure, sugar-free, and simply the finest of any we’ve ever tasted. And it’s only available through Mudhouse in a very limited supply, so you might want to go ahead and order some now! We’re not saying it’s perfect, but…okay we are. We’re not saying it’s a panacea, but… maybe we are. Go get yours while it lasts! Love, John & Lynelle