Coffee Expedition to Gesha, Ethiopia



We recently returned from a coffee expedition to the remote forests of Gesha, Ethiopia in December during their harvest season. Gesha is situated deep in the Kaffa District considered the birthplace of coffee. With seven coffee experts from Hong Kong, Greece, Dubai, the U.S., and Ethiopia, we visited undisturbed, old growth forests with stands of coffee trees so old they rise 25-30 feet tall and no longer bear cherries.

We also visited the newly established Gesha Village Coffee Estate where the farmers are cultivating several exquisite genotypes of the famed Gesha coffee varietal, an effort that preserves these coffees and protects them and the forests from being lost forever to the slash-and-burn cattle farming practices prevalent in the area.

Visiting with the farm owner Adam Overton, our guide Willem Boot, and Dr. Girma, a national agronomist consulting for this farming project, gave us a much deeper understanding of how these coffees are farmed and produced in remote Ethiopia and what sustainable practices are used to preserve the environment and support the community.

On Saturday, January 30th, we invite you to hear more about our trip and enjoy a small cupping of one of these rare Gesha coffees we brought back at Mudhouse Coffee Roaster’s roastery. SIGN UP HERE. Spaces are very limited, so be sure to sign up early.


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