Get Beautiful Finca La Mula Geisha for a Limited Time!


We are pleased to present a very limited amount of Finca La Mula CAC Reserve Geisha. This CAC Reserve Geisha from Willem Boot’s Finca La Mula is a 2016 Good Food Awards finalist, recognized for excellence in quality and ecological and social sustainability. This is a truly exceptional coffee and has been described as “hallucinatory” and “transcendent.” The CAC Reserve Geisha, Winner of 2014 Best of Panama, is produced using a sundried natural processing style that brings out a unique complexity of fruit notes and floral tones. The natural environment of La Mula combined with the unique location justifies this natural sundried processing style. La Mula natural process coffees are harvested for optimum ripeness and dried during 22 to 27 days on specially constructed raised beds. Tasting notes: Aroma of black currants, passion fruit, cacao, and jasmine. Multi-layered, lingering flavors of dried papaya, tea rose, jasmine-infused caramel, and black tea. It is available ONLINE ONLY and in very small moments. This Geisha is truly heaven in a cup and makes a very special gift for the coffee lover during the holidays.