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Gisha, Burundi

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Coffee is by far one of Burundi's largest industries, accounting for more than 70% of its exports, however the coffee they produce only accounts for less than 1% of global coffee production. The economic picture that this relationship paints is a fairly accurate one, Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world.

We were able to bring this coffee to market through our friends at Sucafina. Sucafina is working to increase coffee production and quality in Burundi, increasing the economic opportunity that coffee represents for its people. In addition to help related to coffee, Sucafina is implementing projects such as livestock solidarity chains, composting, distribution of seedlings, soil analysis, crop diversification, gender inclusion workshops, youth empowerment workshops, village savings and loan groups, and health and nutrition workshops.

Tasting notes of cherry juice, fig, and cranberry.