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Norikori, Papua New Guinea 5 LBS Bag

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The bigger version of our Norikori!

Our new release of the Norikori from Papua New Guinea will surprise you with its dynamic range of flavors and mouthfeel.

In 2019 Nichol Colbran took over the family Colbran CoffeeLands Estate located in the mountainous region of the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The estate is a well known producer of high quality arabica coffee and was one of the first to plant coffee in the region back in the 1960s. These days, the CoffeeLands Estate boasts everything from a state of the art cupping lab to extensive lot tracking to a school for the local children.

The Norikori is a partnership between the estate and some 200 local small-scale farmers in the neighboring 6km. In fact, most coffee grown in the region of the Eastern Highlands is produced by many small farms and familial coffee plots. Upon arrival to the CoffeeLands mill, cherries are thoroughly sorted for ripeness and quality, and are held to the same standards of the coffees grown on the estate. Once sorted, the coffee is depulped and allowed to ferment for 36 hours, then fully washed and dried on raised beds under tarps.

The resulting cup is sweet and clean with flavor notes of stone fruits, chocolates, and baking spices. An excellent cup for crisp mornings and fresh air.