More Scientific Proof that Coffee is Magical

beautiful african american woman drinking coffee at home

Our phone was ringing a lot recently.

Did we have the Kenya Gathugu everyone wanted to know. Ethiopian Hambela? When would we have more? Our production manager Phil got curious and finally asked one of the customers why all the calls. She said “Those are two of the coffees in The Coffee Lover’s Diet.” Turns out this is a new nutrition book by bestselling author Bob Arnot, MD, and it emphasizes what doctors and coffee professionals have known for awhile. High quality specialty coffee is especially beneficial for your health on top of being the best-tasting.

Specialty coffee in the form of light and medium roasts is high in polyphenols which are are antioxident micronutrients linked to the prevention of inflammatory illness. Research has shown that specialty coffee, especially those from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia, is unusually high in a type of anti-inflammatory phenol called CGA which is said to improve physical performance, mood, mental performance. It supports weight loss and reduces the risk of cancer and provides neuroprotection. And it prevents heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  The New England Journal of Medicine states that drinking several cups a day reduces the risk of death from all causes by 15% in women and 10% in men.  Go ladies.  And the Harvard School of Public Health observes that increasing consumption of caffeinated coffee lowers the risk of depression.  And then the World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, and Journal of the American College, to name but a few.

Just this month our industry magazine Roast Magazine reinforced these conclusions:

Increased Coffee Consumption with Aging Tied to Reduced Mortality, Study Finds

Seems we can all agree that coffee is magical in lots of ways.  I feel better just writing this blog!–Lynelle