Our Gori Geisha and Mora Negra Geisha receive 95 ratings on Coffee Review!
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Bag of Mora Negra Geisha from Panama

Geisha, Mora Negra, Hartmann Farm, Panama

Floral, exotic, lavender candied flowers and sweet dense cacao, dynamic finish that dances.

This coffee was recently reviewed in Coffee Review and received a score of 95.


One 8 oz. bag of whole bean coffee. Available in limited quantity.

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Finca Hartmann

  • Origin: Panama
  • Region: Chiriqui Region
  • Farm/Co-op/Farmer: small farmer, Hartmann Family, Mora Negra micro lot
  • Varietals: Geisha
  • Altitude: 
  • Processing: Natural process, dried on raised beds



Chiriqui, Panama